Now Showing October, 2014

Show: Food Stamps

Location: Lady Marmalade Cafe (Victoria & Toronto)

This new series of hand carved hockey puck stamps is inspired from the farm, forest, and garden. Food Stamps is a double exhibition being showcased through the two Lady Marmalade Cafe locations.

Check out the artwork in...

Victoria at 608 Johnson Street

    Toronto at 898 Queen Street E.

Now Available For Purchase
Artwork by Caleb Speller - Decoupage Publishing

With a foreword by Brian Grison. Chapter introductions by Wendy Welch, Brenda Petays, Nicole Stanbridge, Martin Clermont, Guy Berube, Castlereigh Theatre Project, and Tom Severson. 

182 Pages, Softcover, 10.5 x 11 in. Color offset.

Limited edition - 50 (printed locally) 

$70 cdn each available for purchase through

Now Showing Plant Life Trilogy

The latest installment of Caleb Speller's on-going Plant Life series has been hung at Origin Bakery in Victoria. The three new watercoloured works on paper are titled Attraction, Pollination, and Germination.

View the
work in Victoria at...
1525 Pandora
(Stadacona Centre) during regular business hours.

Upcoming 2014/2015

A new wearable design is in the works! Collaboration between the locally based Toy & Ming clothing line and artist Caleb Speller is now underway. The new designs will be made from custom printed fabric full of Caleb Speller's drawings.

Save a special coat hanger for this wearable & limited artwork. 


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