*Upcoming Collaboration November 2015

Single Note Sonatas

Shawn and The Wolf are a jazz duo based in Detmold Germany who have the gift of musical expression. Shawn Grocott (the trombonist in the duo) and Caleb Speller are currently developing an art exhibit to be presented at the Detmolder Sommertheatre in Germany, November 2015.

Detmolder Sommertheatre

youtube channel: CLICK HERE

*Patina Write-Up by Travis Paterson 
Before the opening of Caleb Speller's new collection of artwork Saanich news visited his studio for a preview of 'Patina' - Read the write-up by clicking HERE

*Video Interview & Walk Through
Exhibit-V has posted a video interview with Caleb Speller about his latest body of work 'Patina'. The video also includes a walk through of the show, click on this LINK to view.

*Limited Edition Collaboration Now Available 2015

A new wearable design has been created by Toy & Ming and artist Caleb Speller. The new poncho-cape has been styled from custom screen-printed fabric made by Caleb Speller then designed by one of Victoria's finest fashion pilots, Joanne Thompson. The first of only two poncho's is now available, contact artist to purchase. 

*Algorithm Now Showing August 2015
Algorithm is a collection of artworks that visually symbolize the endless meta-data being harvested, stored, regurgitated and distorted in the digital age.   

Check out the artwork in May at Lady Marmalade Cafe, 898 Queen Street E.

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